Music Prepares Children for Life

Music Prepares Children for Life

We all know music is the one language that knows no borders. A great piece of music knows no time and yet can define an era. It is timeless, universal, revolutionary and beautiful. Music is the language of both precision and dream.

Music demands imagination and creativity, yet depends upon established patterns and time. Musicians must operate in the immediate, while preparing for the future. They read what is in front of them, feeling the notes, while staying keenly in tune to the sound that surrounds them. Music is as challenging as the most rigorous of mathematics or scientific equations, yet as free as paint splatters on a Pollock canvas.

Research clearly shows that music lessons can dramatically enhance children’s spatial-temporal reasoning skills, the skills crucial for greater success in subjects such as math and science. Studies also show that early and ongoing musical training helps organize and develop children’s brains in ways that no other activity can. Music is not only advantageous to one’s development. It is a refuge on a rainy day. It is the rhythm that puts a smile on one’s face and a spring in one’s step. Musical achievement is a constant reminder of the benefits of commitment, discipline, process and practice.

The attributes of music lessons show themselves in all aspects of life. And those attributes remain assets that can be drawn upon throughout a lifetime.

Robert W. Konkle
Founder & Executive Director
Village Music School

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