Village Music School Est. 2000

Village Music School Est. 2000

We believe that when music is presented in a fun, supportive environment using materials that inspire practice and commitment, students develop a love and understanding for music that will last a lifetime.

Join the hundreds of families who take music lessons at Village Music School every week!


Village Music School – Pleasant Hill

Piano lessons, guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, violin lessons, and more!


Village Music School – Walnut Creek

Piano lessons, guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, violin lessons, and more!

Village Center for the Arts | "A friendly Place for Learning"

Village Center for the Arts

Creative Education in Schools

Partnering with Public and Private School leaders to restore the benefits of Music and Arts Education in the Classroom.

Our programs foster creativity and provide a platform to showcase your talented student body.

Village Education Foundation Recipients 

Village has donated over $60,000.00 to local school fundraisers. We have helped local schools raise funds for computer labs, musical instruments, art supplies, music lessons and much more.

Ayers, Bancroft, Christ the King, CCJDS, College Park, Concord High, Eagle Peak, Fair Oaks, Foothill Middle, Gregory Gardens, Hidden Valley, Indian Valley, Monte Gardens, Mount Diablo, Murwood, Northgate, Oak Grove, Parkmead, Pine Hollow, Pleasant Hill Elementary, Pleasant Hill Middle, Rheem, Saint Perpetua, Saint Catherines, Sequoia, Seven Hills, Strandwood, Valhalla, Valley View, Vista Grande, Walnut Acres, Wagner Ranch, Woodside and many more! 

For contributions to your 2021-2022 Auction, contact our Village Education Foundation Coordinator today!  

Discover Why Families Love Village

“Thank you so much for supporting Steph’s learning today. She said that today’s piano lesson was very fun and helpful. I’m grateful for all your help and for getting her additional resources. She is begging me to continue piano classes with you!!”  –  Maggie T., Village Family, Walnut Creek

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