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At the heart of Arts education is its connection to creative self-expression. Creative education develops skills that are essential to students in optimizing resources, forging successful collaborations and fostering solution oriented thinking. Equally important are the valuable lessons learned about process, practice and commitment.

All Village classes begin by inviting students to share what it means to be a great team member and classmate.  It is important that all of our young Artists, Musicians, Performers and Yogis have a blast in class while being encouraged by others. We focus on creating an environment where each student feels comfortable sharing their creativity and is positively acknowledged for doing so.

Village Theatre

Hey kid, you’ve got what it takes to be a star. Your time to shine is now!

Village Music

This is where math and magic meet.

Village Yoga

Take a grounding journey through postures and poses that feed the mind and body.

Performance, Community and Applause.

Join us in celebration of personal and artistic achievement.

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