Musicians Zone

Safety First

Village Music School teachers and staff are taking precautions that meet or exceed the standards set forth by the CDC and Contra Costa County.

Safety First

1. All current music lessons will be Private. 1-1 student, teacher ratio.

2. Teachers and students have their own designated Musician Zones. Each Musician’s Zone has its own piano, guitar amp, sanitizer, music and instrument stands. Everything a Musician needs to “get in the zone.”

3. All lessons will take place in our Village Theatre so parents can remain in visual contact of their kids.

4. There will be no access to restrooms and family members may not enter the building.

5. Only the Village Theatre is currently being used for lessons. This is one teacher instructing one student in person at a time.

6. Only air high fives and fist bumps allowed.

7. When entering the Theatre all students will have a designated “drop off” area for instrument cases and gear.

8. The Theatre will be cleaned thoroughly between lessons.

9. Temperatures will be taken with a non-contact Infrared forehead thermometer prior to entering the building and anyone with a temperature above 100.4 will not be allowed in the building.

10. Students and teachers will wear masks or face shields during each lesson.

11. All students will be required to wash their hands before the beginning of their lesson.

Need an instrument to get started?

Village Music School in Pleasant Hill has an instrument for you.

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