Live On-Line Enrichment

Your After School Enrichment Programs are Live On-Line!

Who wants to discover a creative world that is only a marker, pencil or paint brush away?

Students gain developmental advantages such as improved motor skills, language development, decision making, visual interpretation, inventiveness, cultural awareness by participating in Art classes.

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Comic Book Creations: Live On-Line

From creating and drawing characters of all kinds to telling a compelling tale with a strong beginning, middle, and end, every student will be guided through the process of making their very own comic book from start to finish!

Drawing and storyboarding are made simple through step by step examples.  Each student will create their own complete comic book in this adventure of character drawing and storytelling!

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Music Lessons: Live On-Line

Village Music School is the family destination for music lessons because we care about each students’ personal development and musical goals. We provide kids and adults of all ages a friendly place to expand their education, have fun and very simply put, bring joy into their lives with music.

Village is dedicated to creating the most enjoyable and rewarding musical experience for you. Village finds the most ideal time for your family’s schedule. We place students with a Village Teacher who will inspire your musical success and make lessons something you look forward to while fostering an appreciation and understanding of music that will last a lifetime.

By Appointment
Starting at $146/mo

Discover Village Music School.

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