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Fitness and fun for the mind and body.

Studies show that Yoga for school age children enhances student behavior, mental state, health, and can improve performance in the classroom. Psychological and neuroscientific research shows that yoga and meditation help youth manage their stress and mood and behave more positively. Yoga may transform sons and daughters from getting grounded into being grounded. We certainly hope so 😉

Little Yogis take to the mat and gain Poise, Posture and Wisdom.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids

Village Yogi’s transform into Eagles, Warriors, Cobras, Downward Dogs, Cats, and Heroes. Our Yoga classes are designed to engage junior yogis through age appropriate postures and fun activities. Yoga for Kids provides benefits of increased focus and flexibly, students gain greater self-esteem and compassion for others. Come join the fun!

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