Celebration of Creativity

Regularly Scheduled Lessons Transform into a Multi-Track Recording Project

This Live On-Line premium program provides all the attributes of performance and arranging while allowing our students to share, hear and see their musical accomplishments. All students and skill levels are equally encouraged.
There is no additional cost for Village Music School students to participate.
Celebrate good times, C’mon!

Village Staff Celebration of Creativity Premier Video!

Village Team members demonstrate how YOU can show your creativity! Check out their rendition of Love of My Life by Queen!

Celebrating creativity and accomplishment with ovation and applause.

Celebration of Creativity is a multi-track project that Village students complete with guidance and instruction from Team Village. There are many ways to participate:
  • Play with a Village instructor
  • Perform all parts individually
  • Play their favorite song
  • Create their own composition
  • Play with another Village student
Student projects will be celebrated by the Village community online.

Registration is Closed.

Celebration of Creativity is a premium program included in tuition.


After registration closes on October 2nd project participants will receive a packet with all the information needed to begin. Additionally, the entire Village team will be prepared to help students complete their projects.

No. Participation in the Celebration of Creativity is included in your tuition


The entire Village team is here to help. We’ll make sure you have the support you need to be successful. Well, you have to practice, but other than that we’ve got you covered.

We don’t think so. Everything that you’ve been using for your Live On-line music lessons should work for this project.

No. We will find an arrangement that works for all students and together with help from parents we will help our young students Celebrate their creativity.

Yes. There is technology involved so we ask that parents download the necessary apps for the project.

Need an instrument to get started?

Village Music School in Pleasant Hill has an instrument for you.

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